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Arch Cramp


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I like the Vita Coco brand. It comes in plain coconut, coconut lemonade(my favorite), coconut orange, coconut peach/mango and coconut pineapple.

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It can also be an alignment & technique issue. I had a wonderful bit of advice from a master-teacher a few weeks ago:


Put weight in your feet (when you're standing); make them heavy.


Obviously not when you're moving! I've found it a really useful correction.

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I'll try to remember that Redbookish - adjusting and thinking about weight distribution could help. I've got class on Wednesday. Here's hoping for the best.

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Following up:

I got some major cramps doing yard work pulling weeds and trying to maintain my balance - clenching muscles in all sorts of places. I then noticed as I was stretching my hips and lower back that I could feel the tightness in my arches as well. So I’m working on my hip flexors and as a result I’m feeling a release in my arches. I’m hoping I’m on the right track. 

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