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Ballet barre at home


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My DD wants a ballet barre for Christmas. Any recommendations on where to purchase and/or correct height measurements for barre, especially if we decide to install? Although she feels strongly this is her passion/career, curious for other opinions on portable vs wall mount. We fortunately have wood floors upstairs.

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I just wanted to chime in and say that you can definitely DIY--it is cheap, easy, and looks great! We used a bannister from Lowes and did a mirrored wall behind it.

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I built one for myself and my teen DD using galvanized pipes. Use a long one (for the barre) with threads on each end (mine is 60") and 2 90" elbows on each end, then 2 vertical pipes (mine are 36") with a "t" at the bottom and 4 leg supports that lay on the ground and screw into the t's. Use rubber chair tips to cover the ends of the 4 supports and also to raise it up off the ground a bit. It's strong, it's portable and it's not permanent. If you get tired of having it around, you can just take it apart. It cost me about $60 to make and took less than an hour to assemble. (really less than that. The shopping time took longer :) )

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Last year when my daughter was 9 1/2, she wanted a ballet barre too :)

I bought one from Amazon, around $150. It has 2 adjustable barres so both my DDs can use. It's not as stable as the wall mount but great for occasional home practice and storage. This year, my daughter has ballet every day so she doesn't have time to use it at home during the week. We will pull it out and use during winter break.

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