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Transitioning to online school mid-year

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You REALLY need to talk to the academic advisor/counselor at your son's future school. Every school and every situation are different. Also, just because your son is only in class for 4 hours day doesn't mean he won't have as much, if not more, homework after hours. Personally, I would hold off on the residential school until fall and let your son take an online class his second semester and/or during the summer to determine if online schooling is something that will work for him. We did this and found that DD just wasn't ready, or should I say "motivated", for this option. DD is a great student, but she needs the academic competition to push her.

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As I have read through this thread I was beginning to think along the same lines as Pensive. Can you take your ds out of his current school and begin doing online classes from home now? I see a lot of benefit in doing this. It will most likely give him the margin in his daily schedule that you are looking for immediately. It would also give both him and you the chance to figure out how online classes work. Maybe even give you a chance to try different styles of online classes that were mentioned before. Giving yourselves a good semester to test the waters on this at home will let you see how well he is at self-motivation! That could help you further down the road, if you indeed find yourself parenting from a distance. Being familiar with what is expected and where he may need an encouraging boost could be huge!

It might be something worth considering. :yes:

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Thanks all for such great advice. I didn't know that there are online classes with textbooks (I can imagine there is screen burn out) - or that online learning wouldn't necessarily make things easier from a time point of view. All good information to ponder and consider.


I think the ideal situation for our son would be a supervised online option. I have viewed several of these (at the Rock, Nutmeg first hand and Harid on their website) - and from what I hear from parents, the advantage of those is that the kids don't have homework. (maybe I misunderstood). Although our son liked the dance instruction at CPYB, he wisely told us that he didn't think he would be disciplined enough to do the online school without any supervision of any kind (I remember in the day, I did a correspondence course in Spanish in high school - and although I was a great student - I didn't do so well on my own - I think that's probably true for most kids). We have also viewed the brick and mortar schools attached to the ballet schools at UNCSA and Kirov first hand.


The main issue right now is that our son doesn't have time or the energy to do homework. He gets up at 6am to catch a 7am bus to our local School of the Arts, and then has school from 8am to 3pm - and then most days he goes straight to various ballet studios and dances from 4:30 until 7 or 8pm. By the time he gets home, he eats and falls into bed. On Monday, since the studio is an hour away, he doesn't get home until 9:30pm. He is only dancing with girls - and has no male instructors (so not the best from a dance perspective). He loves the School of the Arts he goes to from a social point of view - but the dance department isn't classical in focus (although it's probably been good for him to get down on the floor for modern :-) much to his chagrin.


There are several girls locally who went to the online/homeschool option this year to get more hours of dance, but the studios have only offered them privates and not enough hours to really warrant them going to school at home (according to the parents). I know that no situation is ideal - but it just seems at this point, that our son is burning the candle at both ends. Math is something he particularly struggles with so perhaps I can get him a tutor (I love math - but he hasn't taken me up on helping him).


For those that have experienced the supervised online schooling at residential schools - how has that worked out? Do the kids get their schoolwork done? Do they have homework on top of the 4 hours of online school?


Oh - and I haven't talked to the residential school yet about credits because they asked us for a video to see if they are interested in him visiting. If they are, then we will visit and definitely ask all the questions about transferring credits, etc.

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Please ask the questions regarding specific residential schools and their online/academic programs on the dedicated threads for those residencies. We do try VERY hard to keep the information for each school collected in their dedicated threads and not just scattered like lone socks all over the Board. It makes it hard for others to find the information they are looking for.


There are quite a few threads about the various homeschool/online programs. Please do a search and review those. Again, we don't want information scattered all over everywhere in drips and drabs. :thumbsup:


Your son is not the first with such a schedule nor will he be the last. :D Take heart in knowing that many parents and dancers have travelled this same path and have figured out what works best for them. Dancers in training have to learn to be masters of time management.


DD had a similar time schedule: School starting in the wee hours of the morning, going directly from school to dance until 9:00 p.m., home, then homework. She learned to do most of her homework over the weekends----even when she went off to residency school and even when she finished up at a training program with online classes to graduate early. The dancers that travelled, whether a 1/2 hour drive one way or up to 1 1/2 hour drive one way rigged up ways to do their homework in the car and eat supper enroute.


Your son will figure out how it all works best for him. But you will need to be the one to set the priorities.

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The main issue right now is that our son doesn't have time or the energy to do homework.


By the time he gets home, he eats and falls into bed.


The wisdom others have given you has been golden. I would be interested in hearing from anyone to whom these two statements describe their child as it relates to online schooling with or without residency and how that worked out. I understand that a child can say they are too tired after a long day of school followed by dance, but it is not some oddity to have that schedule and still function well. I believe you would find more dancers who have the 6am-9pm daily schedule then you would find dancers who have otherwise. For ballet especially, a good number of dancers have longer days because of the drive to find the training they find acceptable. So, I guess I'm wondering how the relationship of being ready for online schooling/residency and being responsible to one's schooling beforehand relate. I guess what I'm saying is, if the child is staying up until 2am to finish homework while trying to fit his day in then I would champion looking at alternative schooling if that is your desire. But if the child claims too tired after eating and goes to bed at 9pm, then I question the readiness/maturity to handle all the residency and self-schooling. I'm not sure in this case that trying online schooling is the way to go early as suggested. I'd say the way to go might be to change the expectation of what's acceptable to keep that dance schedule first.


I don't begrudge anyone for finding the best way to educate their child. After having 3 dancing kids all who had the 5am-9:30pm day during schooling, I just always cringe when I hear the "too tired" responses. Two of them did their schedules, were tired, but used the fullness of that schedule to drive them rather than defeat them. The 3rd is a bit different in that she is not as strong of a student. She has the same schedule but would pull the "too tired" often if allowed. Her "too tired" is not because she's too tired to do her work. It's because she'd rather go to sleep than do her work (this shows up in other ways also). So we chose alternative methods (like no dance if homework is not done or less focus on more hours of dance) and continued to do so until she got it. She now does and has learned to balance tired with responsibility. Or too much work for dance versus having to dance this one day. We traded being the dancer/student for being the student/dancer because of that.


Just questioning readiness, responsibility and personality here not schooling choices in general.


*was posting at the same time as dancemaven, not after

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Off topic. . .sorry . . . VRS is right.

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We are way off topic here. The original question was about credit transfers. May we please continue with a discussion of this topic. For further discussion of the merits or lack of merits of Online Schooling , the difficult schedules of the professional track ballet student to the appropriate threads, of which there are many.

As stated many times, this is for informational purposes.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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