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Waiving out of PE?


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I have read on here (not sure where now) that some parents have successfully lobbied their school district to get their dancers waived out of PE (since they dance so many hours a week). Our son could certainly use this time to do his homework instead of more physical activity. Any advice from those who have done this - how to approach the school?

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Please do a Search. We have had quite a few threads on that topic and that pretty much always re-invent the wheel covering the same issues and concerns.


Try Cross Talk as well as the older Parents' Forum. Be creative in using Search terms and I even resort to scrolling through the Index of the Forums.

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Thanks Meatball!

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Most schools have a policy in place, in our area it is called Independent Study Physical Ed. Not all districts offer it.

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Our school will allow dance to be used for fine arts credit rather than PE as public schools offering dance do so as fine arts.

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I did a search using "physical education" and four pages of topics came up with quite a number focused specifically on issues regarding waivers.


Please do a Search and add to whichever topic is most aligned with your concerns. We really do not need yet one more PE topic starting from scratch. We retain these threads for exactly this purpose.


I am closing this thread and ask that any discussion, if needed, after reviewing the information already available, be continued on one of the existing threads.

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