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I need help with my double tour. I cannot seem to spot the tour well no matter what I do. I do one rotation spotting the front and one spotting the back. I don't feel that I'm doing it (but I know that I am) so I don't know how to fix it. HELP!!!!

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Without seeing your tour it's hard to diagnose. However, I find gentleman that have the tendency of losing their spot on the second tour do so because their spotting the second tour too quickly. After the first rotation, you must leave the head spotting forward until the "second" shoulder (left shoulder if touring to the right for example) has reached the front of your spot. Then execute the second head spot. In other words, leave your head forward after the first spot until you cannot keep it there any longer because the second shoulder has turned so much that it won't allow you to keep it front Then execute the second spot.


Also, when spotting, really focus on and see something with your eyes. Don't simply think "spot front".

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