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Growth spurts and coordination


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My daughter is eleven and has jumped from about the 18th percentile in height to the 76th in about a year and a half. She has just tried out for a summer program where the audition was open for parent viewing and while she was quite obviously the most flexible child in the group, she had difficulty coordinating her feet etc in the travelling steps. I also think she had less actual dance experience then most of the other girls and was very nervous as some of the steps were not completely familiar to her. She is feeling pretty discouraged with herself right now. She was a competitive gymnast three years ago and quite coordinated so this is a fairly new issue over the last year or so. Is this a common thing with girls who grow very quickly and would being very flexible contribute to a lack of coordination? Is this something she will outgrow? She is normally a pretty laid back kid but I could tell she was somewhat giving up. I spoke to her about possibly trying a summer program that was not competitive but at the moment, she doesn't want yo even consider this. It is difficult being a mom sometimes.

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Teacher5 fret not! I can relate somewhat.


My petite DD, now 12, was always on the smaller side but last year started to stretch. The one thing about my DD has always been her gracefulness coupled with musicality. My goodness, even as a little toddler in creative movement, parents, the piano players, teachers would comment on her grace, fluidity etc. and then she started to grow last year and things were not the proportions she was used to.


Tell her it will definitely pass. DD is back to moving like a floating feather in the air and all has calmed down until the next growth spurt. And yes she was frustrated; very frustrated and disheartened. Made me sad to see my daughter who has always responded to music with joy suddenly - struggle. And then one day, she woke up used to her new proportions.


Hope this helps.

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