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Hi! So, I'm in my early teens, and I quit ballet quite recently for my studies. However, now I feel that I can resume dancing whilst balancing my schedule. When I quit, I was at an RAD Grade 2 exam, however because my studio did not focus much on exams, I have learnt the Grade 5 syllabus.

I have not done ballet for about 2 years, and am quite nervous about restarting it so late. I haven't lost all my flexibility due to taking contemporary classes, but I have lost some of the technique that comes with it, and I'm worried that I might not be able to return. What level do you think I should be at right now, and what should I do to prepare to jump back into ballet?

I am very comfortable with barre work, including rond de jambe en l'air and other such moves but I am quite shaky at the center. I was also, when I quit, quite close (Maybe 1 year) away from starting pointe, and I am wondering if this is still possible, maybe after another few years of ballet training? How long do you think I'll need to go on pointe?

Thanks in advance for helping me!


(Also, if anyone could recommend a studio, that would be nice. I'm currently living in Singapore, and I say currently because I tend to move around a lot. I would like friendly atmosphere, but with some performances and others mixed in.)

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Hi, was this missed? Also, just an update that I have asked the Russian Ballet Academy for a trial class, and will be trying it out soon.

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Hello Sorelka. Yes, I'm sorry, but evidently we did miss this topic.


Actually, it's a very hard one to answer because we don't know the training where you are currently located. What level you should be in has to be determined by the school where you are studying. Pointe could be a possibility, however we have no way of knowing where you are technically, or if the quality and quantity of training is sufficient, and of course we cannot know your physical facility for ballet. I'm sorry, but you are asking for answers to things that we cannot answer.


Please spend some time reading our forums, as there is much to be learned here. Also, do check out the Rules and Policies, especially for this forum. I did have to remove a post you made because a moderator had not yet responded.

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