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Education: Company and University Partnerships?


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I know that there are some ballet companies that are affiliated with universities, allowing their company members (and maybe trainees) to take a couple of academic classes when they aren't dancing. I know Richmond Ballet has a program with VCU, Ailey has a program with Fordham University, and Nashville Ballet has a program with Belmont University. Does anyone know of any more programs like this?


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American Ballet Theater has a program with Long Island University (LIU@ABT).


NYCB offers some scholarship funds (at least they used to) for dancers to take classes. I believe Houston has the same. There was an article a few years back, maybe in Pointe magazine, that talked about this topic.


Fordham U is popular with working dancers from various companies as well as Broadway performers and more, according to their admissions staff. They mentioned that they had classes at hours that specifically work well for performers in general on Monday nights.


There are other options as well that one can pursue on your own. Today, there are a good number of colleges with online courses which make working on a degree on a part-time basis a possibility.

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PNB has a partnership with Seattle University. Boston Ballet with Northeastern University

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Thanks for replying! Does anyone know of any smaller companies that have programs like this?

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Perhaps the larger companies are more likely to advertise this information, and maybe the smaller companies have similar programs as well. You might have to contact them directly to find out.

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Is there a good way to find out whether a company has a university affiliation, and to find out the nature of that affiliation, other than to contact the company directly?

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