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My 14 year old just told me that all his jeans are too tight on his thighs. He only has Relaxed Fit and Loose Fit jeans from the lines that seems to have looser thighs. Are there any brands out there who work well for your dancers? I was wondering why he's been wearing athletic pants so much lately. Ugh.

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No skinny jeans here! My son liked the loose fit from Am Eagle and Gap at 14. Now he's a few more inches taller and likes the slim straight style from Am Eagle.

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We have had luck with low cost at old navy. My son is a long skinny 16 y/o but the leg muscles do create a problem. Can't remember the style but they have several and they have the long lengths hardto find other places.

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With his 36 or 38" inseam we have gone for Gap. Sorry no insights on big thigh muscles. I guess that will come! :yucky:

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Carpenter jeans have been the answer for us. DS is a slim in the waist but a regular in the thighs and glutes. Otherwise we buy for the thighs and he wears a belt.

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My DS has massive thigh muscles (he's 18) as does my younger brother who has a similar build and is an army officer (so equally muscly). Both find GAP regular fit jeans are ok (slim and skinny are both too tight on the thigh). DS is 6ft 1" and finds a 30 waist 32 leg is perfect.

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Maybe mine is too picky. He wears GAP and is saying those are the ones that are too tight. He is 30, 32 wearing them lower on the hips. Now I can't find loose fit on their website. Those he is fine with. I guess I'm going to have to make him put each pair on for me. Perhaps there is a straight fit in there from a while back that is making him complain about all of them. I'm pretty sure they are all relaxed or the elusive loose fit. He has one pair of black Levis I had to buy for a non-dance performance a while back that are straight fit and will not pull over his legs.


He thighs don't look abnormally huge or anything, but they are much more developed than the rest of him. My daughter just chimed in that his legs look "freakish." Oh the joys of teenage siblings.

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13 year old daughter to 17 year old son "Have you considered that perhaps you are overworking your quads? You look like you are smuggling watermelons in your tights". Ah the joys of dance kids...

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