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Career: Graduate Ballet Training in Europe


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I am sorry if I am posting this wrong or anything like that because I am brand new to this site so I am not quite sure how it all works yet. I am looking for advice on programs in Europe. I am a senior in highschool and I wish to dance in a company in Europe but I know I am not at a high enough level yet. I went to a summer intensive in Germany this last summer and fell in love with the European ballet world. Please help me if you know of studio companies, schools that will allow me to train although I will be 18, or university type ballet programs that prepare you for a career in ballet. I am very unsure how to proceed in my training at this point. My teacher at my school is unfamiliar with the European dance world and not much help. My hope is to go back to europe this summer for summer program(s) and find a place to continue my training in Europe the following school year that will help me cross the bridge from high school to company. Sorry if I am posting this in the worng area or in the wrong way, again I am unsure of how this site works. Thank you!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, living to dance. Glad you found us.


There is quite a lot of information on BT4D about European training. I suggest you do a search of the Pre-Professional training General forum, and the Pre-Professional/Residence program forum. In the latter forum, there are threads on the John Cranko School in Stuttgart, for example. The forum is organised alphabetically, so you can scroll through for specific schools, or do a search using some search terms like "Europe" or "Germany" and so on.


I know about university dance programmes in the UK. These are generally broadly based - if you want to train in just ballet at professional level, the training starts a bit earlier than university in vocational schools such as the Royal Ballet School, the English National Ballet school, the Central School of Ballet, the Rambert School, the Northern Ballet School, and so on.


If you're an EU citizen, the fees will be different than if you are a foreigner, throughout the EU.

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There may be hope as the European system generally has one more year of study than in the US. These programs are however very selective. As Redbook has said, read through the threads for each program. Other well know programs are The Hamburg Program, I think it is called The Hamburg Ballet School of John Neumeier , The Amsterdam, Berlin, Bolshoi, Lisbon, Monaco, Munich, Vienna, Vaganova and Zurich Academies also have professional schools currently seeking International students. Language is easier in Austria, Holland, Germany, Monaco and Zurich as those schools are quite fluent in English.


All the best to you.

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A few more for the list - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, based in Glasgow; Ballet West in Scotland, some miles north of Glasgow; School of Ballet Theatre UK near Leicester; Northern Ballet Academy in Leeds (which is attached to Northern Ballet Company, neither of which have any connection with Northern Ballet School in Manchester).

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Just to add that there are significant costs associated with training in Europe. Not just the cost of living in a European city; where most well regarded ballet schools/academies are based, but also the cost of tuition. Germany charges no tuition fees and tuition fees in other European countries especially for non-Europeans are extremely variable. My DD (Australian) was keen to train in the UK but the tuition fees alone were upwards of 17 000 UK pounds (approx US$25 000) per annum.

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My son attended Palucca School for Dance in Dresden, Germany. The cost was reasonable, he paid a small foreign student fee, insurance, room, and board. The school offers various degree programs in the field of dance. You can find a English language website for the school. The German name for the school is Palucca Hochschule fur Tanz.

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Alan, can you share some more about Palucca? I looked at the website and it seems like somewhere I'd really like to go. How was the audition process and how many students go there?

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Question related to this thread: We live in the U.S. but my husband is a EU (Scottish) citizen and we can get our 15 year old son an EU passport. Does anyone know if this will help tuition cost in a European school or not? What about getting a job with a company there - will he be able to bypass a work visa?

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Boydancermom, having an EU passport usually means lower school tuition costs, however in the UK, the rules require you to have been resident in the UK for at least 3 years prior to the commencement of the school year to be considered a UK student. Otherwise you are considered an overseas student (and pay overseas student fees) regardless of your passport. This was the case a couple of years ago and I doubt it has changed.

From what I understand it is an advantage to have a EU passport when applying for positions with European companies, but if a company really wants a dancer who doesn't have an EU passport they can usually find a way around it. DD is not quite at the auditioning stage yet so this is only what she has been told. It may depend on the country and company.

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Alumni from HARID, who are currently working in European companies have all different scenarios. Some do have European, Brazilian and Asian passports yet others have American and Canadian passports. Some of our most noted graduates, are principals or soloists and have American passports. Only two of the 10 alumni studied in their last year at a European school. Both have obtained employment in the companies connected to those schools. It has only been in recent years that our alumni have ventured out of the US or Canada for employment upon finishing their last year of school, as the American job market is quite tight. There is job security in Europe that exists in only a few American companies.

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Risballarina, Palucca has students who are still attending high school and high school graduates. They have 3 graduate levels with about 20 students per level. I don't know about the audition process because DS was invited as a guest based on his performance at YAGP finals in NYC. I know they hold auditions every year at the school.

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in the UK, the rules require you to have been resident in the UK for at least 3 years prior to the commencement of the school year to be considered a UK student.


And those three years cannot have been in education. It's because the fees charged to UK citizens are subsidised by UK taxpayers, whereas the foreign student fees more accurately reflect the actual cost of tuition.

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My observation of professional ballet companies in Germany is that they have a lot of international dancers from EU and non-EU countries. My Son's company has dancers from the US and Japan as well as Europian dancers.

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