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Career: Graduate Ballet Training in Europe


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Another school that accepts older students is Elmhurst School for Dance in the UK. A girl from my studio who was already 18 went there after high school and will now graduate with 19-20 years.

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I think that is only for the 3rd year of the 3 year course. Normally dancers go at 16 and continue with standard British academics, A-level exams, during the first two years.

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Well she joined in 2nd year and is now in 3rd year. However this might be an exception and not a general rule...

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This is why we stick to posting first-hand information. It is difficult to really know circumstances when it comes from someone else's experiences who is not privy to the conversation to provide the facts needed to put the information in proper context or perspective. :wink:

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The other thing to note is that English & Welsh A Levels (Scotland has a different system) tend to be at a higher level than US high school graduation. When we send our 2nd year undergrads on year abroad programmes in the US, they generally take Junior & Senior year courses (and sometimes courses at Masters level). Similarly, US Junior Year abroad students go into the UK 2nd year of university, so on average (there are of course exceptions) UK A levels are nearer to the US Freshman year in level & intensity of study.


It all evens out in the end - in my experience US and UK university students emerge at graduation at pretty much the same level - they just get there by different national systems. But it means that there are not always smooth equivalents in the journey and to & fro across the Atlantic!

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