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How much to open hip in arabesque?


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Yesterday at barre we were doing arabesques, and my teacher told me to open up my hip more since it's physically impossible to do an arabesque without opening up the hip. However, how much should you open the hip? I have about 110 turnout, so I know I have to open up my hip a little bit more than others, but is there a way to tell if the hip is too open (by looking in the mirror etc.)?

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Risballerina, first of all I have to change your title for this topic, as you are asking about opening the hip, not lifting it, and there is significant difference there.


As far knowing how much, look at your line of arabesque. Or, ask your teacher. We can't tell you how much to open it without seeing you, but your teacher can. And, if you know what an arabesque is supposed to look like, you should be able to see for yourself, if your studio has mirrors. :)

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