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Before-performance rituals

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Hey Guys!


I'm afraid (not afraid of course :whistling: ) that my first performance is nearing and I was just wondering if there are any rituals, any insider tips regarding eating/drinking or else you would give? Its going to be just a 3 minutes pas de deux, but I want to make sure that made all right :nixweiss:



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No rituals or anything special for me. Just relax. Talk with my fellow dancers. Enjoy the experience. Maybe bring some entertainment--e.g., puzzles or something to read if there is going to be a lot of waiting around.


As to food and drink, again nothing special. If anything less than usual. You won't starve or die from thirst.

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Make sure you have everything you need before heading off , one tip given to me for my first performance was always have at least two pair tights with you. once in costume then wear a pair of joggers to keep tights clean back stage, remove just before you go on stage. Take a small sip of water just before you go on as if you get nervous the mouth will feel very dry.

Last do some warm ups before you enter stage as well.

Other than that, main think is enjoy

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I agree with Gary and Andrew. small amount of food and drink. A little sugar but not so much you bonk.


Urinate and deficate so you don't have to. Once the costume goes on, it stays on. Water only when in costume.


See how long it takes to get dressed and made up, it takes longer than you suspect.


1. Makeup Hair 2. Costume 3. Wigs Hats (if used)


Stay warm, waiting cools you down amazingly quick. Warmups that go on and come off easy. Dressing rooms tend to be warm, the stage is cold.


Thank your partners and teachers, take pictures if allowed. Be nice to the children, they never forget that. Chat up the stagehands.


Bring a book, make sure you can hear the Stage manager's call to the stage (I once missed a cue!)


Find someone to give your wallet/cellphone to. Typically a backstage parent. leave the laptop and tablet at home, or bring a laptop lock.


Bring a healthy snack for everyone in your dressing room, fruit etc.



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Thank you guys for your tips, especially the one mentioning a bottle of water for the backstage ;) Everything went smoothly, nobody got injured :D

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