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Is this a safe method to stretch feet?


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I'm not planning on stretching my feet any time soon because of an injury, but someone on a different forum (which I don't think is a very good forum, because ANYONE can give advice) shared a different method of stretching feet with a Theraband. It's different from normal Theraband stretching because the band is criss crossed around your metatarsals instead of just placed over them.


Here are the instructions the person (a teacher and soloist with a small company) gave: 1.Put Theraband over metatarsals 2.pull down and criss cross at heel 3.put the foot on the floor and straighten leg 4.Cross over the ankle 5. Wrap back down and cross under calf and cross (to make it hands free). How tight you pull will change the stretch and don't stretch with a sickled foot.


[Link to social media removed.]


It looks much safer than a foot stretcher, since you can control the amount of stretch, but it also looks like there's more stretch vs. normal Theraband stretching. What's your oppinion on this, is it safer?


Thank you!!!

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Brezzy, I did not look at it, but just from the description I don't like it. You get a very good stretch from the normal way of using a theraband, plus, the very best way of all is to learn to really use your feet well in class. Tendu, degagé, pas de cheval, and every barre exercise that you do while really working the feet is still the best way to improve your feet.


Editing to add that I removed the link because we do not allow links to social media.

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Thank you Ms.Leigh, I understand now! I'll make sure to focus on what you said when I'm back in class.


Also, sorry for the link! I thought it would be allowed because it's what I used for my pointe shoe photos, I'll try not to do that agains! Sorry!

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