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Victoria Leigh

We have always had a rule here that we did not allow links to Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In recent months we've had to remove quite a few links and wanted to address the do's and don'ts. Due to recent changes in the way the media can be used as web addresses for some businesses, we'd like to clarify our stance on links to social media.


We do not allow links to personal social media accounts even if they are directly related to ballet such as a student who may be writing about their experience with a particular school. We do not allow links to a professional dancer's personal page or blog. We do not allow links to any postings whose primary or secondary interest is the sale of their own product, video or idea based around ballet as a theme.


If you ever have questions about if a link is appropriate, please either send a link to Contact Us or to the individual moderator on the forum where your discussion is. While we understand that social media has become a way of the world, we also believe that it is important that the content we link to here is not one click away from something inappropriate and many, many times that is the case on with links to social media.


Thank you!

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