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Question about Reviving Old Threads


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I couldn't find an answer, but maybe it's already out there somewhere and I missed it.


What are the guidelines on not opening multiple threads concerning the same topics and not reviving a thread that has been so called "dead" for quite some time.


I ask because I have sometimes found an old thread that involves a current question or thought I had and feel like the options are either: 1) add to an old thread (which has fizzled and posters have moved on from) or 2) open new thread on something already in the system.


What should I do in this situation?

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ViolaDancer, if the old thread is pertinent to a current question, we do prefer that you revive it and add on. The older experiences and advice is there for exactly that reason. :)

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Thank you. I'll try my best to use the search when looking for answers.

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