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Uneven Foot/Leg Strengths?

Guest BBNButterscotch

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Guest BBNButterscotch

Has anyone else had the problem of having unequal amount of strength/flexibility on the different feet and legs? My right is very strong, and I have a very good turnout in the right hip (almost 180), and a nice high, arch. My left is still good, but not quite as strong as the right. What should I do? Do I do exercises only on the left, or will that make them more unequal?



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Sorry to be a total bore, but I have to just say, if you can turn your leg 180 degrees then I would go see a doctor ;) . Turnout can only feesably be 90 degrees on each leg.



This is the ability of the dancer to turn his or her feet and legs out from the hip joints to a 90-degree position. This turn-out, or en-dehors, is one of the essential principles of the classical dance, giving the dancer freedom of movement in every direction. "


don't worry you aren't the only one who says a turnout of 180. :)


As for differences between legs, this is almost true of practically every dancer I have ever met. All you can do is work extra hard on your exercises at the barre especially with your weaker side. You will need to give it more attention that normal, and hold stretches longer and just keep at it. Don't neglect your right side at all, its just you may not need to hold stretches as long on that side.




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Well I have nowhere near 180 degrees of rotation in either leg ;) ... or 90 degrees for that matter.


I also have unevenness in my strength and flexibility. My left leg actually has a bit more rotation than the right, but my extension and general flexibility is better on the right. My left standing leg is better though - maybe this is because I've got better extension on the right, so I feel more secure in what i'm doing? Or maybe it's just because so often things get demonstrated with the right leg as working leg, left as standing leg. I have often felt like I would like to do a barre where we start with the left as the working leg, then do the right, then go back to the left.


Lauren - I often start a stretch on whichever side is tighter. I do the stretch on the other side, and then I repeat it on the less flexible side. So if I'm stretching the hip rotators I go right-left-right, but when I'm working on hamstrings I do left-right-left.

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