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My son is 6 and has been dancing (for fun) since he was three. Within the last two years he has wanted to dance more and perform so I found a studio in our small city that has performing opportunities. The concern is that he is the only boy in the studio. I figure it doesn't matter while he is having fun but as he gets older I will want teachers who have experience teaching boys - especially ballet. If he still does want to dance I should say.


Anyway, most of my questions and concerns stem around letting him express himself and have fun while also keeping in mind I don't want him to get any bad habits formed while he is so young.


I look forward to learning from all of you.



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Welcome Boulder Betty! I have a 16yo DS and you are starting on a fun/complicated and very proud path. I am not a teacher but I expect you will receive a resounding chorus of 'don't worry about bad habits at this age! Let him enjoy the fun and expression!' There will be plenty of time for worry later on if (as you say) he keeps dancing.

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Right now I wouldn't worry about it. My boys really started wanting a male teacher when they were around 10 years old. As long as it is quality instruction he can be getting the fundamentals. You can take your time looking for a school that has a boys program.

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I have a similar situation--DS6 who started around 2 and absolutely loves to dance. All styles but is remarkably expressive in ballet for his age. Our school does a number of performances each year, and he absolutely loves being on stage. There are several boys in our school, but he is the only one in his age group. He gets great training, and of course as the only boy does get some special parts and attention :). The male teacher may matter more when he gets older, but I don't think it matters when they are this young. Best of luck and enjoy the ride!

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Welcome DS is 14 but has been at this since he was 4. Let him have fun and enjoy the experience. "Serious" instruction doesn't start before age 7 or 8 most places. He has plenty of time.

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or even older- my DS started serious instruction aged 14 and has just been accepted at the Vaganova in St Petersburg to complete his training (he's just turned 18). You have plenty of time! :)

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