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Guest mic31

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I have noticed that Men is ballet are in quite short supply. Recently I was shopping for a school potentially for the little one. I remarked to some of the teachers that I took ballet as well. They instantly transformed from mild mannered ballet teacher to Nutcracker recruiting agent. I realized the parts that they wanted help with were small but after only 4 weeks in I'm still not ready for any of that...even if it was only as window dressing.

next year forsure though!!!!!

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mic31, if you can stand and walk, you can get a role. If you can partner.....you can write your own ticket smile.gif Men are, indeed, in short supply. (And the party scene in most Nutcrackers just needs Daddies who do a simple dance, so there are good opportunities for beginners.)


Next stop: supering. You can be one of the huntsmen in "Giselle," a glog drinker in "Swan Lake." You'll be the envy of the neighborhood smile.gif

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Yes, fear nothing, mic. Nutcracker daddies are among the easiest parts to do. Usually, they've got you under tow by a more technically-experienced woman, and you should have no trouble.

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Guest MichaelB

Well, I am going to be a Nutcracker "daddy" this year. It is fun. And the role isn't as small as I expected.

Pretty easy stuff, taken a bit at a time. But overall, there are a lot of steps to remember.

However, this might not be the typical volunteer role-- last year, the production used the actual parents of some of the dancers. But this year, the party fathers are mostly professional dancers! I'm one of the least experienced. If not the very least.

So the choreography might be a little more complicated. Unfortunately, I am VERY slow to pick up steps, and forget easily. Luckily, I've been able to go to every rehersal so far.

I'm not worried about it, by the time of the performance I should have it down.

And yes, I'll be dancing with someone much more experienced, but I want to know all the choreography myslef, instead of depending on back-leading!


Being around for direction of the rest of the scene (other than my parts) has been very interesting. Those kids are really impressive... wish I had some of their skills.


I was a little reluctant at first, but so far am glad I agreed to it. Next time you get the chance, I'd suggest you give it a go!

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