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Hi all, I am a new dance mom and new to Ballet talk...I have been reading many, many posts here and learning a lot. My daughters are currently in dance schools (separate schools, but that is another story), that do not specialize in ballet and as I read more and more in these forums, I am questioning the quality of the instruction they are receiving. Each school teaches multiple genres of dance and have limited opportunities for ballet. They also do not seem to have a good formal structure in their ballet classes with organized progression. My 15 year old just started dance this year and was placed in an intermediate level teen class due to her age; I'm afraid she has missed out on many of the basics... I will have them finish out the year at their current schools to teach them about the importance of commitment, but am looking at where to place them next year. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of Pofahl Studios in Gainesville or Dance Divine in Ocala, FL? Not looking to compare schools, but not sure if either of these would be a step up from where they are now. If we are going to invest our money and time in this, I would like them to get quality instruction. Thank you so much for any input and I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum.

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Pofahl is a long established ballet school. In the past, it was the school of Dance Alive, a professional ballet company in Northern Florida. It may continue to be. I do not know, but the website would say it if it continued to be associated. I am sorry, I do not know Dance Divine.

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Thank you for the reply. It seems Dance Alive is associated with it. Does that mean Pofahl is considered a pre-pro school? The other school I am looking at is Orlando School of Ballet, but that would really be quite a drive for us...

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That is quite a drive. As for pre professional, I would suggest you call them and ask.

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