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Summer Intensive Research Help?


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I am looking for summer intensives on or close to the West Coast, preferably smaller in class sizes and with an emphasis on rigorous classical training rather than a performance. I'd really like to attend an intensive at a company-affiliated school (as I am looking to apply for trainee/studio company positions this year), but not one that is notorious for body type discrimination (feet, lines, etc.). Does anyone know of any summer intensives that fit this description? Any details on school training style and focus would be much appreciated as well :)



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, SnowQueen717.


All of the information on SI Programs is located in our 2 SI Forums. The schools are listed alphabetically. We do not recommend specific programs, but all the information is provided to help you make your own decisions. Make a list of all of the programs holding auditions in your area, and then check them out for location and reviews here.

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Valanddawn, I'm sorry, but I had to remove your post because this forum is just for young dancers, 13-19. :)


Your questions about the SI programs need to be asked in the SI forum, where the programs are listed alphabetically. However, please do not ask for a recommendation about one school over another. We cannot do that. We just provide first hand information about the programs and the decision must be yours. :)

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