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Idea/ Realization about Fifth Position


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Randomly in class today I had an idea about fifth position- I saw each leg as though it were by itself in first, pushing against an imaginary other leg and feeling like it would when I pull my thighs towards each other in first. And it worked. Amazingly. I'm sure people have been trying to explain the use of the muscles in this way to me before, but coming up with that concept made it all click and now my fifth feels stronger in that I'm really engaging the whole leg. A substitute teacher I had on Wednesday gave a long talk on why he likes first position to have completely closed heels, and on feeling the legs against one another, and it just set things in motion for fifth to feel a lot different, especially since I'm quite hyperextended. Is this a bad idea that's gonna lead to technical problems if I keep using it, or is it a legitimate way of viewing fifth? Because today I felt a huge difference! What do the rest of you do to ensure you're really engaging all of your leg in fifth?

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☺ Such wonderful thinking! Yes, of course keep working with it. You are on the right track!

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HoppingHolley, this is a technique question, and needs to go in either YD or Adult Ballet Students. I will move it, but not sure where to put it. Have you aged out of Teens category? You seem to post everything on Cross Talk and not on YD. Please let me know where to put this, and if I need to change your member category. Thank you!

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I'm 19 and I dance at a school with no adult students, so I think YD. Sorry about misplacing it!


It's like I'm trying to feel a pretend leg pushing back against each of my legs, since they are crossed and not pushing the same way against each other. That way they aren't locking and I can turn out closer to my max without having anything bendy or shifty happening each time I close or open a leg.

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Moved to YD. Holly, as long as you are still 19, please post technique questions in this forum. When you are no longer a Teen, please let me know so that I can change your membership category.

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Ok Ms. Leigh, thank you :)

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