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Ballet Day

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Hello! Normally, I audition for summer intensives just for experience. Last year I was accepted into all the programs I auditioned for, but turned them down and participated in my local studio's summer intensive, and also had some private classes with one of my teachers. This year, I auditioned for one of the same programs as last year, and was accepted with a complete scholarship. I wasn't planning to attend any summer intensives but my local one, but I'm wondering if I should go to the one which I was offered a scholarship for. I think I would rather stay at home and attend my studio's summer intensive, as I'm looking forward to the many private classes planned for the summer. However, should I let this opportunity slip by? I'm worried that this opportunity might not come by again, and I would definitely like to audition for that same program again in the future, especially since one of my local studio's company girls is a trainee there. Would not accepting the program's offer hurt my chances in the future, as I already turned them down once last year? Thank you for your replies!

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Congratulations Ballet Day! Unfortunately, without knowing you, it is difficult to advise you. It might be best to consult your parents in conjunction with your ballet teacher and/or the director of your school. There are many things to consider. Age, level for age, whether or not you have an interest to pursue a career in ballet, financial issues such as housing and transportation costs might all have an impact upon your decision.


None the less, to receive a full scholarship to a ballet summer intensive does indicate you have considerable aptitude for ballet.

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