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How to increase stamina for ballet


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I've noticed that after Christmas break my stamina seems to be worse. At an end of quarter meeting AD told me that I was doing very well, but that she thinks that I should work on increasing my stamina. I take 7 technique classes and usually 4 pointe classes per week, so I don't think my lack of stamina is from not doing enough ballet. I was wondering what other ways outside of dance could I work on increasing my stamina? I also do Pilates once a week, but that's more strengthening than stamina building. I can't run (I run turned out and that cause knee problems according to my PT), and I guess I could swim laps, but I just don't really have extra time in the week to go to my pool. Does anyone have any tips to increase stamina at home? Thanks!

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Hannah, this is a medical question, so I will just suggest a nutritionist and close the topic. We are not qualified to answer. It could depend a lot on your build and your growth, and in many dancers strength takes longer. But, it could also be a nutrition issue, and there is no way for us to know that.

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