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How to do multiple pirouettes on pointe (5+)


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Hi guys,

So I'm a full time ballet student. I can consistently do 4-5 pirouettes on Demi. However, I can only do 2 on pointe before falling off. I've been told you get more force from pointe so most people can do more! I'm 17, and have been dancing for 13 years now.


Are there any professional dancers or teachers who can help me with this? Is there a certain technique? What do I need to do differently from Demi pointe to pointe? I want to get up to 6-8 pirouettes eventually, but for now, a clean quadruple consistently would be nice..


I know the basics of pirouettes obviously- to spot, use arms etc etc. but any technique that's specific for multiple turns on pointe? Thanks everyone!


Edi; I'm just looking for tips specifically for pointe work :)

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Without seeing you it is quite difficult to access the issues at hand. it is generally true that it is easier to turn on pointe than in ballet slippers, however gentlemen never turn on pointe and are able to do many more pirouettes than ladies.


Since you have not mentioned your working thigh leading you in the turn, I might suggest that you emphasis the opposition of your legs in preparation and the importance of the working knee rotating strongly up and backward around the circles. Aim your knee cap strongly back as you rise and visualize the force of the rotation with the exact coordination of the arms closing to position using the music to aid the turn.

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