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Help! SAB SI vs. other programs


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This year my son has scholarships to SAB (full tuition, not boarding - 1st time auditioning), Harid (full scholarship), Next Generation (full tuition only), he just auditioned for ABT and got in last year, but did not get a scholarship. I feel confident he will be accepted into ABT again and hopefully will receive a scholarship for tuition, at least. He is not sure where he wants to go. He wants to be able to partner at least 4 times per week. Which of these programs offer the most partnering and which program would be the best choice for him. He's 14 (turning 15 in mid-July) and I don't want him to be unhappy, but I also don't want him to miss a great opportunity. He's getting mixed opinions about SAB. If he doesn't choose SAB this year, will they offer him a spot with scholarship again. FYI - his artistic director says that he has "the look" that they want. He says he's "the poster boy for SAB. We have to make a decision by Feb 8!

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libertymom, we understand that you are new to our forums,and I do not mean to come down so hard within your first few posts. However we do not allow direct recommendations & comparisons of any particular program. We suggest that you read through each of the "Review & Research" threads of the programs that you want to know more about, ask questions that may arise, and then come to your own conclusions. Therefore, I am closing this thread.


Additionally, I have hidden your duplicate thread on the same subject with the same content; we also do not allow duplicate posts within multiple threads.


If you have any questions about how we do things here at Ballet Talk for Dancers you can read our "rules and policies" found in a blue link at the bottom right corner of any page on this site.

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