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Benjamin Millepied to Step Down From Paris Opera Ballet


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And to be succeeded by Aurélie Dupont!

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I think that it's difficult and at times unfair for directors to wear two hats, administrative and creative, especially when the director is also a choreographer. It looks like he tried to breathe new life into this company and his ideas were many but perhaps too much too soon? Having a dancer that has danced in different European companies, I have noticed that Europe seems to lag behind the Americans in utilizing social media as a tool to promote their companies. I applaud Millepied for introducing an agressive social media campaign as an affordable way to reach out to new audience members but still retaining their old customer base. Also, a few years ago, not knowing much about this company except thinking it was a very classical company, (well that was my thinking) my dancer and I tried to get tickets to a one of POB's classics that was unfortunately sold out. So we opted for a contemporary mixed bill and were totally blown away by the immense talent of the dancers, not to mention that the dancers came in all shapes and sizes, another wrongly preconceived notion we had about this large classical company. One female dancer looked to be about 6' but it's hard to tell from the audience. I do think that contemporary dance does lend itself to dancers who don't always fit that classical aesthetic and it was nice to see that POB recognizes the value of each of these dancers. I was not a huge fan of contemporary at the time but watching these kids dance Mats Ek, "The Appartement", has totally changed the way I feel about this genre. Since that time I have seen many contemporary triple bills and I have to agree with Millepied that POB may be (next to Netherland Dance Theatre) one of the better contemporary companies around. Just my humble opinion.

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I agree that it is probably next to impossible to run a big company while doing all that other stuff, too.




Running a big, established company with all that history and so many expectations from so many people must be exceedingly frustrating for anyone wanting to instigate any sort of change.


I wish Ms Dupont all the best!



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I do wish Millepied didn't trash the dancers on his way out. It's one thing to say things privately to close family and friends, but never, ever good to make such comments to the public. Not good for the dancers, and definitely not good for his future at any other ballet institution. He has a long career ahead of him; I hope he learns from his mistakes.

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