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I live in a small city and there are not many studio options to begin with.

I've seen dance resumes that include summer intensives from SFB, PNB, SAB, ABT, etc.

However, I attend a local dance studio owned and directed by a former principal dancer but the school is not well known and is relatively new.

We've went to YAGP a few times and many of the younger students who have been at this studio have placed top 12.


I started ballet at age 3 but hated it and even wanted to quit until I finally became very passionate at age 11. I am now 15. This year was the first year I even auditioned for Summer intensives.


1.Do dance companies and agencies hire, even if you haven't attended any big schools ?

I seriously want dance to be part of my life, and 2.any suggestions to make a resume look better starting now at this age? would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Also I dance 5 times a week but do not compete. When I write "dance" as an extracurricular, do normal colleges prefer and appreciate it more if I've won awards at competitions and scholarships?


Should I start Competing??

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Pinkinu, the quality, and also quantity, of training is what matters, not the size of the school. Competitions are not the major criteria. However, good SI programs are important, especially for dancers from small schools which might not have intensive training through the summer. We could help you more if we had more information, especially about your 5 days of dance. Break down your schedule of classes for me, please. Also tell me which SI programs you auditioned for and which ones have accepted you for the summer. Your profile states that you live in a very good size city, so, even if you are in a suburb of that city, you should be able to get quality training by driving a bit further to classes if your school does not offer a professional level schedule.


***Young Dancers, this topic is not yet open for discussion. Please wait until Pinkinu answers my questions and I respond again. Thank you.

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Thank you for replying! Here is my schedule:


day 1l 1 hour technique, 1 hour pointe/choreography

day 2l 2 hour technique/pointe, 1 hour contemporary

day 3l 1hour 30 minutes technique/pointe, 45 minutes contemporary

day 4l 1hour 30 minutes technique, 1hour pointe

day 5l 2 hour technique/pointe, 1hour variations.


I auditioned for PNB, SFB, ABT and Boston ballet however only got accepted into ABT and Boston.

I also don't have the long legs many companies are looking for.


My studio offers pretty good instruction however it is relatively new, so I was only trained here from age 12.

Some of the younger girls who have been trained here from the beginning have gotten into schools such as SAB with scholarship.


Thank you!

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The schedule looks okay, Pinkinu. A school being new, not well known or small does not mean it is not good. Also your acceptances to two very good SI's is a positive thing, and speaks well for your training. I would not worry about resumes and companies, right now. Just go to one of the SI programs this summer and that will be a good start for your future resume. It may also help you to have a better idea of where you stand among your peers from many other schools. :) Whether you decide to compete at YAGP or not is your own, and your family's choice. It is not essential to becoming a dancer, but it can be a fun experience, and one can learn a lot, but it is also very expensive. Read some of our topics about it.

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How can you tell if a brand new school that is not listed as a pre pro school on Ballet Talk has good training?

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I know a lot about ballet technique so I usually judge by looking at their Facebook page, website, or maybe Instagram if they have one.


I also usually contact them to take a trial class, and they're usually free.

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The schedule, too. See what the upper levels have in terms of hours. Lots of RDA schools are really good, but that depends on the school. My aunt says to find pictures of the new points students at their fittings- lots of schools like to post that and the readiness of the girls says a lot about the school.

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Pinkinu, congrats! Boston Ballet has a really wonderful SI program (according to my teacher, who is pretty picky)!

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