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A selection of Adult Ballet Class recommendations


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Adult Ballet Classes - New Jersey

Ridgewood (Bergen County)


I highly recommend the Art of Motion located in Ridgewood, NJ. They offer Adult Ballet class 7 days a week. All

of the teachers had professional careers with major ballet companies such as Joffrey, Boston. The student base is composed of a mix of former professionals and dance enthusiasts age 40 - 60. Sometimes a teen or two will take an adult class. However, this studio has an extremely non-competitive environment, the dancers are very welcoming and friendly towards each other. But this does not effect the professionalism of the classes, during class dancers work hard, they do not gab amongst each other, they drink in every word of correction the teacher offers. This is a diamond in the rough: a professional studio located in an are surrounded by Dipsy Doodle Dance Schools who have annual recitals of young dancers dressed in hot pink a glitter.

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Adult Ballet Classes - Maryland

Silver Spring (Montgomery County)


Maryland Youth Ballet near the Silver Spring Station for the Washington, DC, Metro, has around 35 classes for adults weekly. The levels range from beginning to advanced. Classes typically have a live pianist for accompaniment. There are 20 to 40 students in each classes. Some teens take classes. Some students are over 80 years of age. The skilled teachers of youth also provide valuable guidance for adults.

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Adult Ballet Classes - California

San Gabriel Valley/Pasadena


Preston Li Dance - great instructor with levels ranging beginner to advanced and beginner pointe. Smaller classes between 6 - 20 students and drop ins welcome. Relatively easy to follow for first timers and he gives plenty of corrections. Focuses a lot on artistry so you look good no matter your level of technique. Age ranges from older teen to retirees. Also does an adult recital at least once a year, so if you want to finally wear a tutu, here's your chance!

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Adult Ballet Classes - Massachusetts


Dance Complex, 535 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-4029, Tel (617) 547-9363, offers a spectrum of activities.


I took elementary and intermediate ballet classes on Saturday and Sunday. The classes were valuable. Teachers offered easier options. The ballet classes typically have a live pianist. The floor was sprung. I benefitted from each class.


There is no elevator in the building. Dancers must climb up several flights to the studios.


Students pay teachers directly for each class. Teachers typically offer class cards for multiple classes.


The men's dressing room had two showers.


There is no air conditioning. The temperature was in the 80s both days. It felt like over 100 in the studio. I sweat a lot. I drank lots of water.


The studio is near Central Square. The subway stops there.


Le Meridien Hotel, 20 Sidney Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, is near the studio.

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Adult ballet classes - London, UK


Central School of Ballet

10 Herbal Hill

Clerkenwell Road

London EC1R 5EG



I took several classes in June, 2015.


I took a beginner improver class. The teacher was extremely enthusiastic and supportive. There were 30 to 40 adults in the class. The class is appropriate for people who have just taken an introduction to ballet.


I regularly took a beginners (general) class. The class concentrated on optimal execution of the fundamental steps of ballet. The class was given at a rapid pace; regular students become familiar with the combinations. I was unfamiliar with some of the terminology; however, I recognized the steps when they were demonstrated. Skilled perfomance of basic moves was emphasized. The steps were given slowly so that one had to maintain proper placement to stay on balance. For example, I am accustomed to performing a lame-duck or stepover turns quickly as a connection in a fast combination; falling off balance is no problem because I immediately proceed to the next step. In the beginners (general) class, the combination was slower, stepover, stepover, stepover, stepover with develope of the gesture leg and elonge of the ipsilateral arm. The tempo was slow so I must maintain balance for each turn. The teacher pushed me to go across the floor to use all the space. I got a lot out of that class. A cohort of students took the class routinely. Professional dancers take the class to work on technique. A young man who skillfully performed the combinations appeared as a substitute teacher for professional and elementary ballet classes at Pineapple Dance the next day. Apparently he had graduate from the Royal Ballet School.


There were showers in the men's dressing room.


Students pay 9 pounds at the front desk in cash only.


The studio is a mile or so from Covent Garden. I routinely walked there.

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Thanks for these reviews, Colas!


The Central classes: did you take the Sunday afternoon class, usually taught by Renato Paroni, but over the summer various people he works with have been substitutes. They all work in the way you describe, and the class is very good for cleaning up the basics. They are excellent in just the way you say. I attended in late June on Sunday, so we were probably in the same class if you did the Sunday one!

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Adult Ballet Classes - Southern California


The new ABT studio in Costa Mesa, CA has just announced that they will have open adult classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10:00-11:30 beginning in September. I believe they will all be taught be Alaine Haubert.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Alaine is a great teacher! Also check out the excellent classes offered at both Maple Conservatory in Irvine and DeFore Dance Center in Costa Mesa.


DeFore's is mainly an adult drop in studio, with many, many classes of all levels for adults every day of the week - all the way from absolute beginner ballet to professional level. The studio offers one-two-three week adult ballet intensives at various times during the year, there are pointe classes, Pilates, floor barre, as well as all kinds of jazz, hip hop and tap classes. DeFore's also offers reduced rates for college students.


If you want morning classes, there are plenty. If you want evening classes, there are plenty. There are even classes meeting in the mid-afternoon.

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Thanks for these reviews, Colas!


The Central classes: did you take the Sunday afternoon class, usually taught by Renato Paroni, but over the summer various people he works with have been substitutes. They all work in the way you describe, and the class is very good for cleaning up the basics. They are excellent in just the way you say. I attended in late June on Sunday, so we were probably in the same class if you did the Sunday one!

Yes, I took the classes usually taught by Renato. I was in London from June 21 to 28. I took classes at the Central School of Ballet on June 21 to 25. The students generally knew his exercises so they were challenging to follow. He gave corrections to lay the foundations for the basic movements. His points emphasized the crucial approaches to classical dance.


He apparently is going abroad to teach and choreograph so he was absent for some classes to prepare for his travels. Henrietta, a lovely young lady, substituted for him in his absence. She demonstrated well. I was unfamiliar with some of the terminology. However, by watching her carefully I could see the movements. They were familiar. She encouraged me throughout the class. She also taught basic positions to require correct placement. Although she used other terminology, I have been taught to perform lame-duck or step-over turns quickly as transitions. She taught them slowly moving in a diagonal across the floor. For the first three turns we remained in passe position; for the fourth turn we performed developpe of the leg and elongee of the arm. The movements were so slow that I was required to be on balance for each turn; otherwise, I would fall. I am accustomed to performing them fast so that I can easily fall off balance. No, she required that we perform them slowly so that we must be balanced. Of course, one must be balanced performing on stage. Additionally, these were beautiful movements when executed slowly. They can be the bases for breathtaking choreography. She encouraged me to continue the exercise across the entire studio. To my surprise, I was improving!


Unlike Renato, Henrietta ended with a grand allegro jump in second arabesque. I liked ending the class with a big jump. They were excellent classes. I look forward to taking them when I return to London.


Also, I was pleased to recognize that a cohort of dancers took these classes regularly. Some were actually professional dancers. Like me there are ballet dancers who strive to perfect the basic movements!

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Adult Ballet Classes - California

San Diego, North County, Encinitas

Performing Arts Workshop www.dancepaw.com has adult class 5 days a week at 9:30 am. Studio has a very welcoming culture, classes are lively and challenging. Many retired dancers and older dancers mixed with younger pros and some dancers at top companies when they are in town. Good corrections and good workout.

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Adult Ballet Classes - California




Contessi Ballet (aka North Bay Performing Arts Center) has wonderful adult ballet classes twice a week in the evenings. It's called beginner but my guess is it ranges from advanced beginner to intermediate most places. True beginners can take the class and will get help with the moves. Most of the students are middle-aged women who took ballet as children then stopped for 20-30 years, though there's a fair bit of variation, and some men. This class participates in the studio's spring showcase and many of us are in the Nutcracker too. Any more advanced adult can take the studio's class called intermediate (which is in demi). An adult on pointe can take pointe class and/or pas de deux along side the teenagers (there are enough adults that this is not an issue). The instructor is the director and she is amazing with a lifetime of experience. Prices are very reasonable. No dress code. All sizes, ages, and experience levels welcomed. Drop in is okay but most people come once or twice a week.


Edited to add: There is now an "adult intermediate" class which is at a higher level than the "adult beginning" class. Total of 3 classes a week during the year. Summer session is a bit spotty and will mostly have 2 classes a week.

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