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Back again after a long time!

Guest pointe

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Guest pointe

Greetings, to everyone at balletalert.com . I haven't been on the sit for so long and I see that the site has improved tremendously. Great work done! ;)


Just some update:


The reason for me to be absent from the site for so long was that my Mom was stricken by stroke on March 23, 2002. Was a long nightmare for my family and I but thank God that she is recovering well after undergoing emergency neurosurgery for her condition. Been having a tough time trying to comprehend what had happened and looking after Mom is a real full-time job. Now, we have a live-in maid to take care of her, but from time-to-time we still tend to her needs.


On my personal side, I have no luck getting a reasonable full-time office work, so I'm turning my fullest attention to helping my teacher in the ballet school. I'm assisting my teacher in her ballet classes and attending to her personal and school matters. In short, I'm like a ballet mistress and personal assistant mixed. I hope that I will get personal satisfaction from what I'm doing now, as I LOVE ballet! :D And I can handle children quite well. :) Well, I hope to contrtibute positively to the ballet school and I hope to grow with the school in the near future.


Well, that's all for now. Till next time round.....



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Welcome back, pointe! We did miss you, and we are very sorry to learn of your mother's illness. Let's hope that she will continue to recover and be fully well very soon.


I think it's great that you are working in the ballet school, and I hope that it will be most rewarding for you. Do keep us informed as to how it is working out!

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Guest BBNButterscotch

Hello! You probably dont remember me, because I'm new to this site, but welcome back.


I understand what you are going through. My father had a major stroke two years ago. His, however, was triggered by a complication from a bone marrow transplant. He began to recover, made progress with speech and such, but the cancer took over and he passed away.


I'm glad you have time to dance... it's very important to thing for you. I didn't have much personal time when my father was ill, and it was very hard. Best of luck! :)



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