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Belts to keep tights up?

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hi AsiaBalletBoyTW - do you mean the leotard has a built in dance belt or just the thong made of the leotard material? I know this isnt the topic but it concerns me if your son isnt wearing a dance belt? Thats not safe for them. Sorry if I got the wrong end of things here but just need to ask....

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Thanks for your mention, Thyme. I'm sorry I didn't say it clearly. The ballet dress code for my sons at school includes this: “White footed tights with suspenders , white ballet slipper with full sole, and white leotard”. The white leotard my sons wore is a short-sleeve style and with a built-in dance belt. So...they didn't wore a traditional dance belt, but a leotard combine with the dance belt. It fit tight and very comfortable, they could wore it all day and even in many other classes.

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My son wears the elastic belt used in baseball uniforms. While it has a buckle, he likes that it is wider than other belts. He then rolls the top of the tight over the belt a couple of times and it makes for a good fit and line. You can get them at Dicks Sporting goods for less than $10.

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