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Pelvic pain


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Hi there!


I'm an enthusiastic adult ballet student who is infatuated with ballet. I dance about three to four times a week. I almost never had injuries that lasted longer than a few weeks, until last week.


After doing a pilates strengthening work out focused on the inner thighs (making a circular movement with the lower leg, while lying on my side) I experienced a sharp pain next to my left sitting bone in my pelvic area. After two weeks the pain hadnt lessened and it affected my movement pretty badly especially while doing hamstring stretches, I couldnt even touch my toes, it was too painful I visited my doctor, who sent me to a PT. She said the left of my pelvis was out of line, which made my left hamstring stretch beyond its normal range, explaining why I couldnt extend my left leg above ninety degrees. She then cracked my pelvis back into place by making a fast rotating motion while I was lying on her bench with my left knee pulled up.


This didnt help. I visited her three more times, where she did the same thing, but with no results. She then sent me back to my doctor, who said it was definitely Ischias. I got new exercises for stretching my hamstrings, which also didnt help.


I then went to another PT, who is specialized in the pelvis and who danced professionally when she was younger. She said that my gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, piriformis and hamstring were very tight and that my tailbone was leaning towards the left. She told me that she didnt think it was Ischias because I was still able to move quite well. She then dry needled the muscles I mentioned above, which helped a great deal. The pain has gotten way less, but is still there when I stretch my left hamstring. I cant do a full grand battement to the front, or sit in my left split. It is still too painful. She thinks I overused one of the gluteus muscles, and due to an old injury on my tailbone the whole area tensed up immensely. Because Im quite hypermobile I overuse these muscles to compensate my lack of strength in some areas.


She is now working with me on relaxing my pelvic muscles more, to prevent tightness. I was wondering what I could do to help the process? And are there strengthening exercises I can do to keep my pelvis in the correct position?

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Redrocks, I'm sorry, but this is a medical issue and beyond the scope of our abilities here. I have to close the topic.

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