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Dancing again after 5 years


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Hi everyone,


First off, I'm new to the website. :) Nice to meet you all.

I started Russian ballet when I was 3, and stopped when I was about 12, then moved to a different company and did RAD ballet, jazz and tap.

Then I took a few years off to do cheerleading.

Now I'm 19, and decided to begin ballet again, and I'm so thrilled. I had my first private class the other day and it is coming back quite easily.


I'm not starting my classes for another week... are there any exercises I can do at home to be prepared for my classes?

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It is great that you are returning to ballet, lavenderballerina! There is nothing better than basic barre work, followed by some stretching for rotation, flexibility, and articulation and strength of the ankles and feet. A theraband is helpful for the feet. :) Abdominal exercises to help with your core strength. It might help you to read some of the 'Pinned' topics on the Adult Ballet Students forum, as there is detailed information there on alignment, placement, rotation, etc.

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