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Pointe shoe work?


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Last month, my father passed away. I have come to California, and so I am in a new studio; a very prestigious ballet studio, who has won a lot of awards at YAGP; they have good and nice staff, strictly trained teachers, very welcoming students, clean studio... I have just started ballet in September, and I have been working on calf and ankle strength, and just recently started foot strengthening. Two days ago, one of the teachers I have said I could start pointe but only at the barre, for the centre I'd just use my flat shoes, and that I'd continue like this for six months, but she says that she will keep an eye out to see if I could do center work earlier or not, for about half an hour a week. I was wondering if I could get the opinions of some ballet teachers? Thank you very much!


Edit: Also, I turned 16 in October 5th!

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What is the problem with this approach? If you have not yet been on pointe, then you have to start at the beginning. If you progress quickly then you will probably find yourself doing center work sooner rather than later.

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I'm so sorry for your loss alexisozlem. Congratulations on your teachers saying you're ready to start pointe work! That's a big accomplishment. I agree with Ms. Leigh. I know a lot of girls who started off doing almost a whole year of pointe work at the barre.

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I was just wondering if Ms. Leigh thought that its too early maybe for any pointe work at all, since I literally started this September...

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Oh! I did not realize that, alexisozlem! What level are you in at this new school? What is your class schedule like? Five months of training would normally not qualify anyone for pointe work.

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I'm in level 4; the main teacher/director of the school said that she'd rather play it safe and took me off of pointe, so I am off pointe as of right now! And I started late September, took about 3 weeks off the week after my father passed away/the first two weeks I was in California.

My class schedule in Turkey was 2 to 3 hours of ballet technique a day six days a week, the 6th day being 7 hours; I had a conditioning class on friday, contemporary on friday and tuesday which were about an hour and a half each, and stretching class for two hours every wednesday.

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If I understand you correctly, you began your first-ever ballet classes in September of 2015 in Turkey. I'm assuming that we are speaking about the country, right? Then you sustained a huge loss, moved countries, and began new classes at a new ballet school, is this correct?

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