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When a change of school is a good idea? And how?


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My DD is newly 12 and has been with her local Ballet school 6 years. She is an exquisite dancer ( if I do say so myself) and excels in ballet but with no real aspirations that a career in this competitive field is likely. For now she loves to dance and perform and grow at her sport and I would like to support her passion to the best of my ability. I am a non dancer so I don't know what is the right path but I am starting to question if her current school is the right one and where to go if not here?


The studio is a mother and daughter who are lovely and caring but seem to have lost a bit of 'steam' and 'focus'. When we started the older dancers were many, strong, obviously talented and well trained in technique. Now there are very, very few left aged over 14, my daughters group had only 2 attending and advancement is by age not ability. New dancers joined this year but the girls are inexperienced, without basics so my DD is stuck feeling frustrated and bored when she should be excited leap into the new increased challenges of intermediate foundation and pointe. The school doesn't participate in estedfords, teach audition pieces etc, so performance is rare and she doesn't see other skilled dancers her age.


Is now the time to change schools? How do you choose another school? How do you know they can offer DD more growth and challenge without loosing technique or the joy of dance? There are a couple of pre professional studios and performance studios in our city but they are audition / invitation only. How could DD ever hope to be prepare a decent audition if her current school don't do this and would be unhappy to know we're were considering leaving? Any advise would be appreciated

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Misskittyfantastico! (I love the name :) )


It definitely sounds like a change needs to be made. I strongly suggest one of the pre-pro schools. Most schools audition students with previous training by having them take a class. She should not need to have anything prepared. Visit the schools, talk to the director, watch the dancers, look at the schedule and see if they have proper levels and enough classes per week for the levels, and ask if she can audition. :) Most pre-pro schools will have a range of ages in the Intermediate level, and the classes should be based on ability, not age once they get past the first couple of years.


There are a number of good topics here on the board about finding new schools, making changes, what to look for, etc. So I suggest getting a cup of coffee or tea and settling in to spend some time reading! We are all about ballet education, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but very, very helpful, especially for parents like you who have already shown enough knowledge to realize that your DD is not getting the kind of training she needs right now. Good luck, and let us know when you find the right school and make the change!


You might want to start here: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=155

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