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Lifting hip in développé à la seconde?


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Whenever my leg is à la seconde and above 90 degrees, my hips can't stay square, meaning that the hip of my working leg moves up, kind of scrunching the side of my torso that the working leg is on. I can keep my hips aligned to the rest of my body, and not stick out, but even when I try to move my leg à la seconde when I'm holding it, if I bring my hips to where they are level, I can't move my leg any higher than 90 degrees. Is this just because I don't have much turnout? I am already moving my leg forward a bit more when I go à la seconde because it helps me stay in alignment (I can't have it completely to the side and be aligned).


I haven't gotten any corrections from teachers on this, but I was just wondering, is it okay for the hips to not be level in above 90 extensions to the side? I saw another post with a similar question, and someone said it was okay for the hips to open, but not lift? What exactly is the difference?

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Risballerina, the posts that stated it's okay for the hips to open, but not lift related to arabesque, not à la seconde. The hips are supposed to remain square and not lift in seconde.

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I had a class from a teacher once from DTH who said it is physically impossible not to lift your hips once you go beyond a certain height, which depends on your body. Is that wrong? Is it just subjective to the teacher or choreographer? I usually don't have to hike my hips up to get my leg above 90º, but I am still curious.

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Perhaps something was missed in the translation. It is physically impossible to not open the hip in arabesque, but in the other positions, one should strive to not lift the hip. Now, I'm sure all of you are going to go find pictures of Svetlana Zakharova to disprove me, but, just because you can doesn't mean you should. Get it?

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