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Insight on how a SI tryout turned into trainee acceptance.


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Hello all. We are still somewhat new to ballet, and I am trying to sort through all the many layers of ballet to better understand all of this . This year we tried out for a Joffrey SI, and found out this week my daughter was accepted into may types of programs like Pre professional and many others I have not heard of before. So great!


Yesterday, we received an email that said welcome trainee, call us to make an appointment to look at housing. Now, as a parent, I am shocked. We just signed up to audition for a SI. For us, my daughter going to New York to train, will not be the a good choice for us.


Here is what I know about trainees, our local Ballet school has a professional company. And many girls there train for many years to become a trainee there, in hopes to join the company. They have a trainee tryout. The girls are two levels above my daughter to try out.


So, does anyone have any insight on what it means to be offered a trainee position in the New York school? Do they just recruit trainees often from the SI audtions? Do many SI auditions work like that? Also, my daughter hopes to be a precessional one day. Is the only way to accomplish this from a training school like this?


Thanks in advance for advice.

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Pilatesgirl, we have dedicated threads on all the various Joffrey SI programs in the 2015-1016 Summer Intensive Forum. The threads are arranged alphabetically to make it easy to find them.


Likewise, we have dedicated threads in the Pre-Professional/Residential Ballet School Forums for year-round pre-professional schools AND we have dedicated threads for the various post-high school graduate programs, including trainee, apprentice, second company, etc. programs in their own Forums.


Joffrey NYC Trainee program can be found in the Post-Grad/Company School Forum, as it is a student-leve tuition-based program. Here is the direct link to its dedicated thread: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=38198.


For more general questions regarding these type programs, I would recommend reviewing the various topics in the Post-Grad, Trainee, 2d Co, Apprentice General Discussion Forum: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=154


I would also ask that any follow up questions or information offered by other members please be posted on the appropriate dedicated thread. :thumbsup: Any further discussion about these programs on this thread will be lost and scattered for those hoping to research these programs. :)

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