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going away for summer intensive - what age?


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I was wondering if any of you have sent your daughters away for SI yet or if not, what age do you think is okay to begin this?


DD11 auditioned for several SI's this year and was accepted to all of them. We had done it just for the experience because her SO believes she is too young to be gone for 6 weeks without a parent. She'll be 12 in August, so next year she'll be 12-almost 13 during the summer. Do you think next year is too young to go away?


Since she'd be the youngest in the junior category we were toying with skipping YAGP next year and using that money to send her to a SI instead. She would really love to go to Ballet West and was disappointed to have to turn down an acceptance this year.


I'm really torn as to what to do so I'd love any suggestions.






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I'm going to gently suggest that as a new member, you take a little time to nose around BT4D, check out the different Forums, scroll through the threads in the various Forums, and drop in and read whatever threads interest you. We always encourage our new members to review our Rules and Policies, as those will help one assimilate into our community. :D


Many of the questions you have been asking are very good questions----and have been discussed many times. Therefore, we have threads that will give you a broad insight as to the various elements of the questions and also answer related questions you may not have yet reached or considered just yet.


This question of 'when to go away for a summer intensive?' Is just such a question. There are many answers and many of those depend upon various circumstances, wishes, wants, situations, etc.


We have many discussions that touch on this broad question in our Summer Intensive General Discussion Forum (http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=135) and in our Summer Intensive FAQ Forum (http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=139). I would suggest you start by reviewing threads in those Forums that interest you, adding questions to the discussions, and going from there.


So that we can retain the organization of our threads, I will close this one and we can continue the discussion on one of the existing threads addressing this age-old question. It always help to re-visit and update these discussions, so do not hesitate to re-open a discussion. :thumbsup:

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