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Drop-in Weekday Adult Class East LA?


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I'm going to miss a week and a half of my ballet classes (boo!) and was hoping there might be a class I can drop in on for the few days I'm going to be in Los Angeles next week. I'll be there Monday-Wednesday and maybe Thursday. I'm staying in Echo Park, which I believe would be considered East LA. I'll have my car and might be able to coordinate a class further away with other errands/visits.


I'm in my 50's, my studio considers me Adult Intermediate, I dance 3x/week. I'm not on pointe and I have some calf/foot injuries that can limit me some, but I'm very good at knowing my limits. I can do probably all the basic stuff (each studio will differ in what they consider core moves) and know most of the names for things. Single pirouettes, not doubles; fouette turns at the bar, not center. Current studio is "her own style" but based in part on Vaganova. I don't mind a class that is a bit too easy or a bit too hard, as long as I feel welcome and my muscles are happy with me.


I've searched through the archives but have only found very old posts or classes on the weekends.




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I took a class here. Silverlake is pretty close to Echo park. The class was a longish barre and shorter centre but I got a decent workout.

It's not as great as my usual classes but I was pleased to be able to take class while I was in LA

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Silverlake is totally doable, thanks! I'll check them out. I'm at a Convention in Anaheim this week. They have some free yoga so I can at least stay stretched. But no ballet for 1.5 weeks was just too much :-)

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You're welcome! The studio is to the right of the place down a little alleyway. And there is usually lots of free street parking too!

I recommend Green Leaves at 1769 Hillhurst Ave for a healthy and super tasty vegan lunch or dinner :)

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You know me so well :-)



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Thanks again, BlleFille. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it at all, since my schedule was so tight. But I made it this morning to an intermediate class taught by Carol. It was very welcoming and open (my husband, who is still beginning level, joined me too). There was a range in the class. One woman on pointe who was quite good. One man who appeared to have a dance background and left early. And several other women from fairly new (with childhood classes in the past) to experienced.


Some of the terminology was different from what I was used to and, while most of the moves were the same basics, the details were in some cases quite different. It was a great workout and challenging (much of it was very fast). I also loved being able to try a different teacher. The teacher says her style draws on many others but her training is RAD. Only $15 per person too. 1.5 hour class (though more like 1.75 hours cause it ran over). I will definitely do it again when I'm in LA next year.


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