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Moving to a new school


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Need advice/help from parents. We are moving to a new state. Daughter has been at current ballet school for 9 years. Loves her school, friends etc. Just got on pointe 7 months ago and is in a Jr company. She is terrified to move in general, but even more scared and sad to start at a new ballet school. Has anyone have any experience with this? I think she is afraid she would have to " start over". The schools we are looking at in the new area are a bit different from what we are used to. Dancing is everything to her and I would love for the transition to be as easy as possible.

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My dd did leave her school after having been there for 6 years in a pretty tight knit group. Although she continues to take a few classes other than ballet there, she was afraid at first. I don't know if part of it was also that she was put at a much lower level than she had been dancing at. However, she started at the new school's SI and by the end of the summer she was begging us to make the switch. Her new school is more slow and steady, and she feels strongly that they are pushing technique in different ways than she had been studying before.


Also, she has made some dear friends in a short amount of time. Not to mention that she seems more closer to these girls than the kids she's known at her other school since she began there!


Maybe you could have her try a few classes at the new school and see what she thinks before diving in? Also, you may want to research this wonderful forum for the names of schools in your new area. Just a thought.


Best of luck!! Change can be hard, but it can also prove to be good!

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My daughter moved to a new school last year, but the school itself was new, so her experience was different. All of the girls at the school were new, so they were all in the same boat. The only thing I could suggest is to ask your daughter how she felt when a new girl came to her current school. That kind of conversation usually works with my daughter. I remind her how when someone new comes in the rest of the girls are generally warm and welcoming. I think it is so intimidating to walk into an already established group, but if she can remember examples of a situation where she and her friends were nice to the new girl it may help her when she is on the other side. As for the "starting over" from a dance perspective, it may be that they place her a little lower until they know where she fits, but that, too, will probably only be temporary.

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Dd switched studios at about the same place in her training. She is pretty reserved and I knew she would be anxious about making a switch. So I went ahead and scheduled trial classes at a few studios, all within the same week. I didn't tell her until the morning of the first class because I knew she would be nervous, and I've found its better to give her less time to worry. I told her she would be trying three different studios and that we would decide which one was the best fit by the end of the week and make the switch the following week. One of the studios was an obvious perfect match and she is still happily dancing there. They placed her very appropriately in her classes and it was a very smooth transition.


I hope you have a similar experience and you find the perfect new place for her! :)

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