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Spring Performances?

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I know YAGP and SI's are dominating a lot of people's thoughts right now, but since we don't do YAGP and our summer is already worked out, the big topic of conversation at our house is the spring performance. Unlike Nutcracker, there aren't set auditions for our spring show and casting goes up later this week.


DD's studio is doing Alice in Wonderland and some selections from various ballets. How about you? What sorts of spring performances will your DK's be looking forward to? (If you don't mind me asking.)

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We just finished up "Sleeping Beauty"--complete with an Aurora danced by a principal of one of the big companies. It was beautiful. Now all we have left is the student showcase.

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DD will be dancing in Alice in Wonderland this weekend. She's so excited! Then they have a student showcase in June, which is very low key -- in their class leos, short pieces highlighting what they work on in class. Still fun to see how far they have come since last year.

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DD has a very small part in the attached company's Cinderella. Other than that, it is the spring student showcase in June. It is our fist one with the new school, so I am very much looking forward to seeing how much she progressed over the year. :clapping:

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Our studio does a spring showcase. It varies a bit but usually is a one-act show then each class does a short piece (unless the show is focused on older dancers (like this year) or younger dancers (like last year) and then they skip the showcase). Our director picks the parts but some roles in the one-act are by class.


DD's class are all flowers in a one-act adaptation of Cinderella. They are the pre-pointe class (will be early pointe by the time of the show but they will perform in regular slippers) and everyone else is older and will perform on pointe.


Then each of the other classes has a showcase dance. DD is doing one for tap and one for jazz. Adult ballet has its 3rd year doing showcases and this is the first year we've had an adult intermediate class. Those of us in that will do the first half of the piece then we will be joined by all the other adult dancers. Going to be fun.

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DD10.5 is in a lull right now. Our school has end-of-year showcases that are very low-key, short demonstrations of what each class has been doing all year. They are on a small stage and they do get to wear simple costumes and have photos taken, so it is fun, but very scaled down. As a parent, I love the simplicity. In prior years, she has been very excited about these. However, she is now in the last year of this division(assuming promotion??), and is already very antsy to get to next year, when she will finally be eligible to audition for the school's community performing group which has much more opportunities for spring(and fall!) performances with "real" roles and costumes. Also, if ready, sometime next year will likely be going en pointe. She happens to have three friends who are only a few months older but are in that higher level mostly due to their birthdays, and she has been somewhat green with envy this year. Patience, indeed, is a virtue that can be hard to learn. One very unexpected and positive experience that has helped her get through this year faster was being selected as one of a few students who got to perform with the professional company's production of Romeo and Juliet. She learned so much, and she was very busy with long hours of rehearsals, like a mini-Nutcracker season. Time flies faster in the ballet world when she is busy!

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DS10 will be performing in Le Corsaire next week and Coppelia in June! Corsaie has been a great experience for him, it's his first time doing a production with the Company. He has several roles in Coppelia (at his other smaller studio) between his boys ballet class and his combined class.

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Sounds like lots of great performances! DD got her casting and is doing White Rabbit for Alice, and is in an ensemble excerpt from Raymonda. She's happy, and I like that we're doing a story ballet and also the excerpts. Alice in Wonderland is really featuring the intermediate dancers, which is great because it is giving them a chance to shine, whereas the classical excerpts are featuring the older, more advanced dancers.

I like that some of the younger students are getting an opportunity to have "character" roles this time.


There's also a student showcase later in the spring at the smaller studio where she takes privates, and she was told she could perform the variation she's been working on at that. That will be more informal I think, held in the studio, but with costumes. For some reason, she's quite nervous about that. (Maybe because it's a more intimate setting?)

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Our studio is doing Chipolino this summer which DD11 is NOT excited about LOL. She has some great parts but just isn't excited about the costumes and some of the dancing. She knows sometimes you have to do what you're not too excited about, though - that's the job!

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Our studio does a spring show, this year they chose Giselle, and some of the advanced students are doing Who Cares (our AD is a Balanchine reparateur). DD is excited, she can't wait to wear her costumes, the only disappointment is that the younger girls weren't cast in the second act and she was really hoping to be a Willi.

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