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Ways to Earn Money For Ballet


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How can a teen with no time to work because of dance earn money? I am trying to pay help my parents pay for competitions, privates, shows, and summer intensives etc!

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Well, firstly I'd get rid of the competitions as they are not a necessity. Privates, although wonderful for fixing a technical issue or for preparing a variation for YAGP, could also be taken off the table for now. That would probably cut down on the ballet budget quite a bit, right?

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Perhaps your parents would appreciate your taking on more of the everyday run-of-the mill household chores as part of your contribution? That would give them some respite for their to-do lists.

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If you type in the search bar there are lots of old topics about this! I found this helpful:





Personally, I find it difficult to find time for a job while taking dance classes throughout the week and handling full-time academics. The only thing that works for me is opening an online/Etsy shop and working on it when I have spare time, such as during Spring break. Adding things to the shop is pretty easy and I can work on it during the year when I have extra time as well. However, setting up the shop takes a lot of time as well gathering/making your merchandise.


I hope that helps :)

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I don't know how old you are, and this can be extremely taxing, but I currently have a job stalking shelves in the early early morning before school. if you really genuinely need money that can be a way to fit work into your schedule. I would only recommend it if you feel you have the maturity and mental capacity to be awake very early on a regular basis, as well as dance late into the night. But sometimes situations arise where you need money more than you need mental stability and an early morning or nightshift job can sometime be the answer.

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To raise money I assistant teach a ballet class which helps cover my tuition. I also model for a local dance store, and babysit on weekends when available.

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I babysit a lot and that helps pay for dance clothes. Also, at my studio if you assist with a younger ballet class, you can get a discount on your tuition, so that might be worth looking into. However, there may be an age or level restriction for when you can become and assistant.

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