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My 16 year old DS is interested in moving to a company school. We are past SI audition season, but thought he might submit a video audition to a few schools to see if there is interest. Unfortunately getting studio time to film the audition is at a premium and he sent me a few clips where his technique could be cleaner, but he has no time to redo them.


Has anyone had experience with this? If he had perfect technique I have no doubt he'd be accepted to a number of good schools, but how serious is bobbling on a triple or quadruple pirouette?


There will also be a couple of performance clips, which will be perfect. Should I put those clips in first?


Should I submit anyway, or eliminate the imperfect clips? Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hi DobbinsND! I actually did this very thing recently. Suddenly it became clear that DS needs to leave home to pursue his training. I made a call to a company connected school and sent in a video. It had been made for another purpose and was all we had. I can't claim it was perfect or terrible. It was ok. He got a favourable response. I think it is worthwhile to send in what you have as long as it is representative of your DS. I wouldn't send in a video of bloopers for instance. My assumption is that experienced teachers don't expect them to be perfect. They can see technique even if it wobbles!

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DobbinsND, my oldest has done videos for scholarships before and the foundation awarding the monies had a format that they preferred. Starting with barre, working to center and then jumps, a variation and perhaps a performance clip. There are many nice ways of editing, but they wanted to pop the DVD in and not have to click anything but "Start" with little space between. That isn't to say the sections had to be done in one shot or even in order. Perhaps you can put an intro with a clip of what your son feels was his best work.


The nice thing about a school with teachers observing is they do know what to look for and can see potential. I'm guessing you are hoping to have an invitation for an audition from the video, if so the teachers will be able assess your son even more.


You may have already researched this, but some schools do have open auditions near the end of summer for fall placement. Travel is expensive, but it would allow you to see where your son would be going.


Best wishes for success for him!!

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