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OK guys need some help here if possible with countering a problem I have when partnering. I am short (5' 5") and I have a tendency to pull my partners arm back behind her head and thus off her box during movements when her her arm is in high fifth during a attitude promenade or a simple sous-sus turn.


I have shorted my reach by adjusting from holding her hand to her wrist but still have a tenancy to pull her arm back. I've experimented with the distance I try to keep between with out much success.


If anyone has some tips I would appreciate it.

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Another short guy here. Not much you can do. Try going on releve, Corella does that a lot!


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Me to !


If you are partnering just one lady they try between yourselves to keep position yet solve the problem, the odd very slight change can make a difference no easy answer from my experience to be honest keep practicing and hopefully you will find the correct stance that suits you

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Maybe you'll have to be closer to her and having your hip in contact with her so that it gives you more stability.

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You have to visualize it and pull her arm behind the shoulder. Think of a flat plane running from shoulder to shoulder, you can never move her arm behind that plane. Below the wrist is fine, it will be less comfortable for your partner.


Can yo do a finger turn?


I once partnered a trock and had to wear ballroom shoes with a Latin heel.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My partner and I asked another instructor to watch us and offer her opinions of the entire pas. Right away she made an observation that I was standing too far away and to close it up. Voilà it is fixed!

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You can step back a bit when doing passe Pirouttes. :whistling:

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Learned that lesson long ago :lol:

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