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Splitting time between two schools


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Hi, all. I've been lurking here for a few months but have finally registered because I am in need of advice from you wise parents.


I have two children in dance.

DD who will be 8 in July

DS who will be 6 in June


I also have a 3 year old in creative movement but she doesn't seem to have the dance bug.


Anyway, this year my kiddos were at a local rec studio just to gauge interest. My older daughter was hooked beyond words. Yesterday she told me she wished we had ballet every day. My son is also really enjoying his class.


Here's our issue. My husband works in another state. This year he's gone back and forth every other week, but next fall his company is renting us a house while we look for a permanent home in that location. The plan is for us to spend two weeks a month there, and for him to work from home one of the weeks and be alone out of state the last week. (We homeschool)


So basically we'd have two weeks a month in one state, and two weeks in another.


I was wondering if it would be at all possible to enroll the kids at two studios who both use the ABT curriculum. Obviously we wouldn't be doing any shows, but I was hoping this might allow us to dance during the fall semester.


Could this work or would it be better to just start up once we are settled in the Spring? Any other options I'm not thinking of? TIA

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Ahh first post and I put it in the wrong forum! Can an admin move this to the under 13?

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I think she is getting excellent training, but our studio does move ahead with things that ABT holds back on. She is going to take her exams at a level above her actual dance level, because ABT holds back so that the technique is very clean. She did the ABT Young Dancers Workshop last summer and it was the same there.

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Taking things slowly to get clean technique definitely matches my older daughter's personality. The studio she's at now feels rushed for the end of year performance and that frustrates her since she could spend all class just perfecting one thing. I think moving to a real curriculum will be a big relief for her. My son is pretty easy going and can be happy anywhere but I like the idea of more structure.


I guess we will have to see how both studios structure their programs and if they move ahead at all or stick closely to ABT.


Thanks so much for your input.

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