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Developpé devant question


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I am fourteen and I have ballet six days a week. I have a bad habit of rotating my hips in a developpé devant. When I square my hips and my placement is correct, my leg hyperextends and it leans back in a way. I only did it correctly a few times yesterday. Where does this habit stem from? Is there an image I can put into my head to help? When I did it correctly, I felt a stretch in my hamstring. Is that the correct feeling? Thank you in advance. :)

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Pirouettegirl, I don't understand your question. Why would your leg hyperextend and lean back? A leg can't lean back, only you can can lean back. Are you talking about the extended leg or the standing leg? The hamstrings definitely stretch in extensions. That is normal.

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Sorry what I meant to say was that I lean back and then my leg hyperextends.

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Well, I am afraid that the answer to that is very simple. Don't lean back! Don't LEAN anywhere! Keep your weight forward and remain correctly aligned and your supporting leg will not hyperextend.

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