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Flip flops

Kate B

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A seasonal (perhaps silly) question:


Is wearing flip flops good or bad for your feet?

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I don't know if it's particularly bad for the feet (being bare feet is good for them, so I don't see why not) but I know from personal experience that I grip my toes (not to lose the flip flop ;) ) and have very painful shins if I wear them too long, or if I walk particularly fast... That is not very good in that respect, but you have to give those little toes a break, and a few grains of sand caught between them is the best treatment they can get after a long year trapped in shoes :P

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Guest BBNButterscotch

Well, here's my experience with flip flops. Don't wear the ones where the things go between your toes (tongs?) because they can rub and really hurt between the toes. I like the Adidas sandals to wear to ballet class, because the slip on and off easily. The ones with the massaging beads on the bottom are nice, but don't wear them unless you have tights or sock on, because the beads can hurt if you walk around in them barefoot. HTH!

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Actually the flip flops with the thong between the toes are very good for people who have a bunion or any tendency to develop bunions. They help to keep the big toe in line, which takes the pressure off of that joint. They don't necessarily rub or hurt, although perhaps the rubber ones might. If I were going to wear a thong sandal I would look for ones which are fairly well made but with a thong that is wide enough to have some affect on keeping the toe in line.

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Thanks for your answers - maybe it wasn't such a silly question after all...


My flip flops are leather thong ones and they have big squishy soles. The first time I wore them my feet felt like they were getting a 'workout' - that's why I asked. Now they are pretty comfortable, and in the humidity here, just what hot feet need!



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Guest Nadezhda

I love flip-flops. :) I have trouble finding the right shoes for me, so things are made easier with these kind of shoes.


Speaking from my personal experience, wearing flip-flops for the first time (or first couple of times) can be a bit painful since the shoe needs to adapt to the foot. Every pair of flip-flops I got (about 5 pairs in the last 2 years) was a bit uncomfortable to wear at the beginning. But later on it gets better and does not hurt at all.


If you are bothered by the thong between the toes, just wrap some toe tape or masking tape around it. Might look a bit funny, but works well. :D

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