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Leotard fix?


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So, I just bought a cute new leotard: http://www.dancewearsolutions.com/clearance/leotards/mt9021-clearance.aspx?position=11#pr-header-back-to-top-link


Unfortunately, it's not tight enough to support my chest :0( It's final sale so no exchanges or returns. According to the size chart it should have fit perfectly and a size large in every other brand is just tight enough (if not too small) but this one is just a smidgen too lax. It's nylon/spandex so it won't shrink in the dryer. Any tailoring ideas? The only place in which it's too loose is the chest. The torso and legs fit like they should.


I was thinking of maybe sewing foam bra cup/padding insert things into the mesh. I can of course wear a bra with it, but that ruins the aesthetic of the back.

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I'd second shortening the shoulder straps. Look for the place where they're sewn to the upper back of the leotard, and unpick (or cut) and resew there. Try it with pins first though!

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If there is an elastic that is in the lining under the breasts you could take that elastic in

Just fold it at the sides and sew only over the elastic

That way the lining should be a bit tighter

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What if you put tucks into the shoulder straps, which will pull the front up a bit? That might help.

This did the trick :0) Thank you and Redbookish!

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