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Class in leotards, could anyone give me info about class in leotards? I don't know if they run true to size, small or big. I've never gotten this brand before so I want to make sure:) I am 5"7.5, about -- lb, and my torso is about 60", which would just about make me a medium, however my bust is --, waist ---, and hips ---, which all fall in the small category. So I'm having a dilemma about what to choose. If anyone who has bought this brand knows if they run big or small, let me know! Thanks so much to everyone for any help you could give me!

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Oh this is great thank you! I couldn't find it before! I guess they do run a little bit big...I found one for a steal price but was hesitant because it was a size up from what I would buy if it were regular price from the store, I was hoping i would find out that they run small lol!

Thanks again for the help navigating!

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You're welcome!!!!

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Class in leotards are awesome, but be sure never to wear them to a partnering class or rehearsal because the fabric is so slippery, that it is hard for the guy to lift you, it feels like he is lifting the leotard and NOT you, also giving them an excuse for their poor partnering.

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