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Slipper recommendations for Fred Flinstone Feet


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Hi, All.


Like the headline says, my 5 y/o son has the classic Fred Flinstone feet. Flat and wide. He wears a toddler 11W.


Right now he has Bloch dancsoft's in 11W but they still seem too narrow on his foot. Are there any brands that offer a wider fit? I assume his foot will narrow up a bit as he gets older, but right now it's quite a challenge!



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Angelo Luzio has child wide sizes in black and peach canvas. White in medium width. I didn't check leather. Go to bodywrappersDOTcom and click link to boys' shoes.


My son has wide meaty feet, too. They are great for jumping!

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Hmmmmm....... the Bloch Dansoft is style #205G and typically comes in A, B, C, D, & E widths. Now the Capezio 205C comes in N, M, & W widths. Sansha doesn't have the wider widths in Childrens- only starting at size 3, so that won't work.


Have you asked the retailer to order a pair from Bloch in width E?

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By the way, slippers always look a bit small on wide feet. We've tried Sansha really wide and KH Martin and the fit is the same. But maybe we need to look into Clara's other E recommendations.

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Thanks, Clara! I pulled out the box so I can give you the exact info:


It says SO205G Blk 11 E


So I guess we are already at their widest then? Are the Capezio 203 W's any wider than the Bloch 205G Es?

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Nope. Unfortunately you have the widest shoe at his size that is possible.

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Drat! The issue is his toes are just so wide. The width is good across the top of his foot, but his toes feel like they are going to push through the sides.

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Maybe check out the Bodywrappers Total Stretch Wendy (unfortunate name) It is made of a stretch canvas and available in Wide, although I've not ever seen the children's version in person. It is only available in Black in Wide in his length.


The other thing you can try is stretching his shoes by hand, massaging the leather to try to stretch it as much as possible.

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Thanks so much. I'll look into those. Once his foot grows a bit are there more wide options?

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Sansha & Fuzi :thumbsup:

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Great! Until then I will do my best to massage these guys to fit. I really appreciate your help here. At least he won't need pointe shoes, right? ;)

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Don't speak too soon- there's always the Trocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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